Why Trade Forex

Over the past decade, the financial world has seen the popularity of forex trading going up dramatically. This is clearly because of the advantages that this trading avenue brings with it.

You Can Trade Any Time You Want

Currency trading takes place all over the globe 24 hours a day. This is because of the clashing business hours in the different time zones. Therefore, major currencies can be traded at any given time 5 days a week. Without set exchange hours, trading deals are being sealed, fortunes made and unmade, as we speak.

You Can Go Long or Short

Other financial markets do not allow you to sell short. This is because there are zero limitations on ‘shorting’ currencies. Terms that we hear in other financial markets like bearish do not apply here. A Forex trader can make money and lose it any time regardless of what goes around in the market.

Trading Costs Are Low

Most of the Forex accounts are crafted from competitive and low commissions with super tight spreads. All Forex traders trade direct quotes with zero hidden markup directly from the liquidity provider. This, combined with an online portal, equals lesser hassle and cost.  

Liquidity like No Other

Forex happens to be a market in which around $5.3 trillion are traded per day. Most of the trading takes place with only a few major currencies. There will always be people trading in this market. This is one thing that makes this a very convenient way to get into trades and get out of them whenever the trader pleases, regardless of the size of the trade.


Deep liquidity is always available in the Forex market. You can trade Forex with a considerable leverage that is on a ratio of 50 to 1. This allows traders to benefit from the briefest of actions in the Forex market. Leverage has always been a double edged sword – it has the power to increase your losses just as it can increase your gains.

Global Exposure

Unlike before, investors are always hunting for opportunities anywhere they can find them. For instance, if a person wants to take a broad approach and invest the whole thing in another country, Forex is one easy way to gain international exposure. Traders in this market aren’t susceptible to pitfalls like translating financial statements in different languages and being restricted by foreign securities laws either.

Why Trade Forex and What Makes It Interesting

Here is a roundup of everything else that makes it the world’s largest financial market:

·         Zero hidden costs

·         Trading in both falling and rising markets is possible

·         Introduction of new technology has allowed for trading while you sleep

·         Unlike other markets a very low amount of investment is needed (Forexray requires 250 USD deposit)

·         You can trade 24 hours a day

·         You can open free demo accounts to learn more about Forex trading

·         There is tons of learning material online that can help everyone

·         Small deposit has the power to control a bigger contract value

·         Forexray offers free software packages ( MT4 platform)

·         Accounts take a maximum of 24 hours to get approved. 

ForexRay Team

ForexRayTeam has an extensive range of financial instruments allowing individuals and establishments to make investments in exchange and stock markets.

ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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