The ForexRay Spot Trading Conditions

If you want to know how ForexRay offers its clients the ideal trading environment and lets them manage investments and trading accounts in a hassle free way, then following are the forex trading conditions which make the magic happen!

Ask and Bid Spreads

The asking or bidding price applied to a specific currency pair is one which is visible on the trading platform. It is in actual the liquidity and price that is made available to traders.

The forex spreads available for trading are completely dependent on the required trade amount and currency pair which is in focus.

Execution of Trade

Also referred to as trading done on quote, the idea behind the concept is to offer clients exactly what they see on the trading platform.

In the forex market, prices are wont to shift with key economic events in the environment. This has an impact on the trade activities and results. At ForexRay, if it is noted that there is too much price fluctuation starting from the time you placed a trade order to the time that we receive your request, there is a high possibility that we will hold that trade request to be rejected. Unlike other brokers, we work on the concept of trading on quote, and too much price variation is something we believe has a significant impact on trade and account management of our clients. The trade request is rejected in cases where the price shifts both against as well as in favor of our clients.

At ForexRay we make sure that you get transparent tradable prices, and also know which trading price will be finally filed to you. Only the chosen price will be displayed at the forex trade ticket, before the trade market is opened up for activity. These forex trading conditions ensure transparency of our trading process. 

The Rollover Process

All of the forex positions which remain open are subject to a reevaluation on the basis of credit or debit interest rate which duly reflects upon the position. The price is then reevaluated and rolled over to include a new value date. The rollover process at ForexRay involves the new forex swap points as well as the financing of the unrealized losses and profits.

The resultant rollover debit or credit is duly deducted or added to the opening price of the given position.

Minimum Trading Size

Aside from the threshold costs, a minimum amount of ticket fee is charged in order to cover up the administrative costs. The threshold amount for different currencies varies.

Hours for Forex Trading 

ForexRay offers an active trading platform from Monday 00:00:51 and Friday 23:59:59 Server time.

There are certain provisions for holidays and in case of lack of liquidity in the market. Contact us to know more details about our forex trading conditions and policies. 


ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

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