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If you are planning on entering the world of trading Foreign Exchange but have zero knowledge and experience, don’t worry. At Forexray, we provide you with educational resources and with a tight spread so you won’t have to worry about incurring too high a cost while you trade Forex. 

To start off, all you have to do is follow our 3-step guide. After going through the entire guide, you might even decide to trade with us – a transaction you can get over within a few minutes.

Step 1- Start by Opening an MT4 Trading Account

You can always trade Forex through an MT4 account. This is the latest technology trading software that we make use of for all the traders who sign up with us. Once you make your initial deposit you too can have access for this for both Forex and CFDs.

The application process is simple and super secure. One of the advantages of Forex trading is that you are approved to trade within 24 hours which is never the case in most financial markets. At Forexray you can apply any time you want through our online form.

We will then start processing the verification. At the end of it, newly appointed traders receive their account numbers via email; this is a confirmation that your account has been opened and you can trade Forex now.

Step 2- You Must Fund Your Account

Now that you have been approved for entering the Forex financial market, the next step is that you deposit funds into this account so that you can start trading. There are a variety of ways you can do this. Click on the Account tab visible on the trading platform screen. The initial deposit that you make must amount to at least £100.

For more information on how you can transfer funds and withdraw them from the account, you can always refer to our FX FAQS section on the site.

Step 3- Stat Forex Trading

So you received your trading account and have made your initial deposit. Well then, start trading! Log In, pick your currency pairs, and open a position. At Forexray, we provide with a whole range of trading platforms that are mobile as well as browser based. However, remember that you will be using MT4 accounts for these only.

All platforms provide you with a range of professional trading tools. These include hundreds of built in strategies for trading, chart indicators, and tools for risk management.

For additional details of the markets that are available to trade, you can click on Market Information tab in the trading platform.  

ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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