Value of Pip in a Forex Market

In the forex market, pip is known to be a number value. The actual value of a currency is given to be in pips. To understand the idea of pips take a look at the pip value table below,

Pip value Currency value pip equals to
One pip 0.0001
Two pips 0.0002
Three pips 0.0003

And so on……

It is important to understand that one pip value is recognized to be the smallest change in the price, that can be brought about by any exchange rate. Most world currencies have prices up to 4 numbers right after the decimal point.

One other fact about pip value is that in most of the major currencies, the prices noted in Japanese Yen do not have up to 4 values after the decimal point. Mostly, the price is given only up to 2 values after the point.

The ForexRay Offered Spread

The forex spread is the overall cost which is the result of all the transactions made in the financial markets. It is similar to options and shares where the brokers also add in the commission fee to the overall spread amount. Brokers can offer a choice of spread only or adding commissions to the forex spread option to the investors.

At ForexRay, we aim to offer our clients with the most lucrative trading environment possible. We offer low forex spreads, to make sure that all transaction costs are kept low whenever possible. We offer clients the chance to learn about the processes through our demo trading platform. The platform has been designed to offer an insight into real-life forex market trading conditions, which include quite similar forex spreads as available on our live accounts to give a clear idea of what we have to offer our client market.             

You can access a free trading account on our platform to get an idea of what spreads and services we have to offer.

We offer low forex spreads on our MT4 platform, and they are quite variable to suit our clients. We invite quotes from some of the top banks as well as the electronic crossing networks operating in the market.

By choosing the ForexRay services, you can be sure of having a range of traders and investors, all working together to secure high returns and risk free trading in the forex market. With a team of experienced and skilled traders, we offer a highly sophisticated trading platform which makes forex trading easier and a profitable option for many.

If you are a trader seeking independent opportunities, and want to do trading through a platform which is available on multiple devices, and work with an asset management company which offers you a tight and low forex spread, then ForexRay is the one for you! 

ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

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