The Forexray PAMM system allows anyone to participate in Forex projects. Every customer of the Forexray Company can accept investments from other traders or invest funds in PAMM accounts.

Forexray PAMM system includes two categories of users:

customers who registered their accounts with the PAMM system as investors, and customers who registered their accounts with the PAMM system as traders

Investors use PAMM accounts to invest in trader accounts in order to take part in a share of traders' profit. Funds used in investment are transferred under the control of the company. This funds transfer entitles investors to a share in trader accounts that is proportional to their investment.

What opportunities does the PAMM system provide?

The PAMM system provides all users with investment control and detailed reporting on all operations. The tracking of profit shares and returns is fully automated. A trader has no limits whatsoever. In other words, traders can accept an unlimited number of investments from any number of different investors, and those investments can be of ANY amount of money.

PAMM Registration

In order to use the PAMM system, you must have a live trading account with the InstaForex Company. Once you've opened your live account, can register with the PAMM system immediately. The registration process is outlined in detail in the PAMM system section of the Forexray website.

PAMM Monitoring

With the help of PAMM Monitoring, you can choose the PAMM accounts that you find the most attractive for investing. In addition, you will always be able to see the statistics of your managing trader so that you always know what's doing well and what is not.


If you still have questions after reading this introduction, you will find an FAQ section on the company's website. We always consider customer feedback and your feedback is always added to our FAQ section.

PAMM Investors

The PAMM system is a fairly fail-proof method for investing funds with Forex traders without any limitations.

PAMM Traders

The PAMM system is the very best way in the industry to attract investors to your trading account. The PAMM system by InstaForex makes your quest for new investors quick and convenient.

ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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