ForexRay No Dealing Desk NDD Feature

The no dealing desk feature is a forex model by ForexRay which assists in easy forex transactions. We wanted to give our customers a fair and efficient model for execution and pricing than the alternates used by brokers who engage in dealing desk activities within the forex market. We have successfully offered our clients a fair no desk dealing system, which ensures market driven competitive prices.

Benefits of the No Dealing Desk Feature

Some of the most interesting and advantageous benefits of using the no dealing desk feature on offer by ForexRay include the following:

Market driven competitive prices

  • No risk of conflict of interest between trader and broker
  • There is no probable risk of intervention from a dealer
  • Freedom and flexibility to use any kind of flexibility you want, even trading of news and scalping operations
  • Chance to engage in execution of anonymous orders, so that the price providers are restricted from viewing your order limits, stops as well as entry
  • No hassle of requotes and intervention from a dealer or someone else

With these advantages, you can be sure of getting a fair idea of the real price in the market with no interruptions and restrictions from any dealer in the market.

How Does the ForexRay NDD Model Work?

To get an idea of how the NDD model is executed and how pricing is estimated, read on below.

NDD Pricing

The model by ForexRay ensures suitable price aggregator features. All clients are provided with the best possible ask and bid prices, from some of the top liquidity providers to you. All prices that are listed on our platform are executable and have no mark ups. Clients have to pay a low amount fix commission, as ForexRay receives compensation only in the form of commissions.

What makes our no desk dealing model so special is that we have global banks, market makers and financial institutions as our liquidity providers. This way, the NDD prices are not set by one group, and are reliable numbers. Our NDD numbers duly reflect the prices circulating in the broad forex market.

NDD Execution Model 

The NDD feature offers automatic execution of all transactions, along with surty of competitive pricing feature. Other aspects of its execution model include:

  •  All transactions directly concluded on the interbank market
  • Availability of low floating spreads that will be corresponding to market prices currently prevalent in the industry
  • Transactions executed at high speeds, which also includes those that are transacted with high volumes
  • Anonymity requests that restrict the liquidity providers from knowing the stop order and limit of the customers, thus not affecting their performance at all
  • Complete absence of any form of restrictions imposed on the trade policies adopted by customers 
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