Multi Account Manager MAM

MAM has been designed to accommodate the needs of all money managers, who need an integrated software for the execution of blocking orders, with a one click feature which ensures a master account system arrangement. If you want completely automated trading allocation processes, to all customer accounts, then ForexRay can make it happen with the forex multi account manager service feature!

If you are a professional trader who has experience and the skills required for asset management, then MAM by ForexRay is the option for you. The MAM has been developed as part of our trading platform, therefore our clients are able to manage multiple accounts as well as groups simultaneously through the automatic feature.  

What makes MAM one indispensible tool for all traders who have to manage multiple accounts is:

  • Ability to execute several orders at one time
  • A system with intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Wide spread of helpful system features and tools

The use of our forex multi account manager feature proves advantageous for all involved in the stock exchange trading activities, which includes traders, brokers, investors and managers.

Benefits Ensured By MAM

The benefits offered by the forex multi account manager include various service features like:

  • System automated formation of an unlimited variety and number of MAM groups or account groups
  • Simple trading opportunity through a single click feature
  • Trading of multiple orders and executing profit distribution in a simultaneous way through the linked accounts
  • The multiple accounts can easily be managed from one MT4 terminal app
  • MAM  has been designed and integrated into the server of MT4 terminal
  • System ensures fast limit setting options for taking profit and stopping loss orders
  • The orders can be modified on the grounds of graphical relocation
  • Easy viewing feature of all detailed statistics, for the different accounts. This feature also proves helpful in designing corresponding reports for multiple accounts
  • The MAM tools ensure the adjustment of the order distribution procedure, as well as engaging in trading activities from several accounts at a single time. Resource management is made easier and the process is also made more time efficient.
  • MAM helps account managers enjoy easy and fast trading on the market
  • System ensures grouping on the basis of multicurrency accounts. This is ensured through the method of market order distribution

It is important to note that in order to use the features of forex multi account manager, both the investor and the manager need to have a trading account registered with and operated by ForexRay.

Important to note:

  • We offer MAM account as a service but are not responsible for their management
  • Both the investor and the manager should have read and accepted the terms of the MAM account
  • Past profits on MAM accounts are not a guarantee of future returns 
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