Introducing Broker (IB) Partner Program

ForexRay offers an (IB) Introducing Broker Partner Program, especially designed to provide individuals with the chance to earn a constant commission of great value, by managing the trading activity of their different clients. The clients are those that are referred to ForexRay and enjoy the opportunity of investing in risk free diversified trading options.

The idea behind the program is to utilize the skills of the listed brokers in the program, and cultivate a working relationship between them and their clients, which helps to ensure income for the IB partners and promotes the Forex business.

Do you want to be your own boss? ForexRay has successfully developed a partnership program which helps you to become a successful broker, by working for the firm’s contacts as your clients.

Who Can Be An IB Partner?

If you have the drive to convince new clients to invest in the market, then you are the one. To mark this as a win-win relationship, the IB partner gets commissions based on their client’s trading activity, while we at ForexRay, get more client trades and also better exposure in diverse geographical areas. Our Introducing Broker partnership program provides better security to trade, for both brokers and customers.

The Idea behind the IB Program

a)      After signing the IB partnership agreement with ForexRay, we help our IB partners by providing them with online training and other types of PR material, like banners. We also create a registration link  for the client to ensure live account registration. Our IB program is designed with an online CRM, which helps to track down client deposits and registrations.

b)      The IB program finds prospective clients through private networks and our own channels, and uses online social media channels, and other sources like entrepreneur groups, business schools and chambers of commerce for the promotion of products and services which are delivered by the broker. The IB partner has the freedom to pursue any leads they recognize as being beneficial to their portfolio.

c)       A client has to register for a live trading account, with a link which is provided by the IB partner. Questions may also be asked directly of the IB partner. The Introducing Broker partner program allows brokers to be a direct contact for clients. This way, the broker receives full support from the program which helps to grow their business.

d)      The broker may choose to be in direct contact with the customers. They may also design their own training material, trading competitions, and generate any leads for a client.

e)      Many brokers also work as traders in their own right, and thus create social or trading clubs, to enhance their income further.  

Benefits of the ForexRay Partner Program

  •  Opportunity for earning extra income.
  •  Independent income dependent on client trades.
  •  Ease of working when you can.
  •  Chance to do business with a global Forex brand.
  •  Emerge as an entrepreneur and gain recognition in the market.
  •  Enjoy access to partner marketing portal, to download material and create some attractive websites.
  •  Simple access to the ForexRay Analytics program. Keep a track of visitors, and their trading volumes with the Hybrid IB portal.
  • Chance to earn when the client trades.
  • Every single account helps to generate income.
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ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

100% Segregated Account

An exclusive partner program

An exclusive partner program

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