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We offer you a great way to operate professionally in the financial markets, with the highly innovative platform of MetaTrader 4! This trading platform offers users a wide variety of operational functions and benefits that include features like, online Forex trading with account management options, management of pending orders and closing and opening positions. Also included are sophisticated tools for accurate graphical analysis, technical analysis indicators and use of trading robots for financial work. This trading platform by ForexRay is an all in one solution for all traders in need of a helping hand.

Further details about the free download MetaTrader 4 trading platform include system features like its user friendly interface, convenient design and easily understandable operating features. The system has a Client Terminal which helps to view all account balances, keep a track of all the latest open positions, and also follow world financial market news. We provide all our clients with information from the news feed by Dow Jones. While using the MT4 Client Terminal, clients can place orders for conducting any transactions, receive quotations for currency, and analysis of various financial trading instrument graphs.

The trading platform allows client traders to predict and analyze the currency market dynamics, develop automatic software and ensure seamless trading. With the MT4, traders can enjoy the following opportunities,


The platform offers a variety of analytical capabilities and features, which help to minimize time and also automate the trading analysis. Any trader can use their own indicators, using the programming language of MQL4. Also, client traders can easily trade within 9 different time frames at one instance, print any diagrams and also take screenshots if required.


The trading platform has been designed with a 128 bit key encryption, for the transfer of all data between servers and traders. A security system with a digital signature feature ensures high level security, ensuring safety of all personal data.

Order Execution

The platform ensures support of different orders which include market, stop and pending orders. There is a built in ticking chart, for setting alerts for trading events as well. Traders can also identify the exact market entry and exit points.

 Convenience And Simplicity

With a user friendly interface, the MT4 is easy to operate for beginners. All their questions are answered in the Help section to ease the functionality of the platform.

Free Download MetaTrader 4 Features And Benefits

  •  50 + charting tools and inbuilt indicators
  •  Real time import and export of data
  •  Trading system activities system
  •  System designed for multi language use
  •  In built helping guides for MetaQuotes language and the MT4 trading platform
  •  Mobile trading features
  •  Features to create trade indicators for various time periods

On the whole, the MT4 is an ideal platform for trading within your browser. So get it from us today!

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

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