The ForexRay WebTrader Option

What ForexRay has to offer you is a cloud based platform, the WebTrader, which ensures you direct and free access to your MT4 trading account through the web! The forex WebTrader has been modeled with an intuitive design which eliminates hassles of downloads or software installations to run the platform. Enjoy easy access with no worries for hassle-free trading.

Leverage on full time trading functionality and convenience, making the act of trading on the web an easy and fun activity leading to great profits.

With the forex WebTrader you get hassle-free trading opportunities which ensure a number of benefits that make trading through the web an opportunity which can open up so many possibilities!   

Easy Access through Variety of Devices

What’s so great about the ForexRay WebTrader is that it has been designed to be compatible with variety of different operating systems. You can use the platform across multiple operating systems, which include Linux, Mac OSX, and different mobile operating systems as well as Microsoft Windows.

The calibration of the trading platform has been done with a focus on the interface designs supported by smartphones. If you are one trader who seeks a reliable trading platform which offers great flexibility when you are on the go, then forex WebTrader is a great option for you.

Enjoy Live Depth Display of Trading Market

Every trader seeks transparency to know that their trading orders have been placed at the prices they wanted or not. If you want depth in trading market display like no other which enables you to analyze the ECN order book, then ForexRay WebTrader is the one choice for you. If you want to make informed trade decisions by observing the trade market display, then WebTrader is the best option.

With the right choice you can easily view liquidity pockets and also trade in fast moving markets with confidence.

Easy To Use Interface Feature

Every trader wants to have the decision making process made easier for them, and this what forex WebTrader has been specifically designed for. An easy to use and simple trading interface is part of the platform feature which enables traders to just log on and start trading!

Spend more time on trading and making profits and less on browsing through the trading terminal with this platform choice.

The One Click Trading Feature

If you are one speedy trader, then the one click feature of the WebTrader offers you the chance to enter and exit the trading markets, with a simple click. Trading has been made easy like never before!

If you are one trader who likes to be involved in fast moving forex markets, then WebTrader is your tool to make your dreams come true.

Top WebTrader Features and Tools

  • Convenient trading through trading systems and browsers
  • Easy one click trading feature
  •  Available quotes in real time
  • Simple configurable charts
  • Simple trading activity directly through the chart
  • Trade safety and easy monitoring of all investments
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ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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