Market Access and Fix API

FForexRay offers all its customers a variety of program integration methods, which ensure hassle-free access to liquidity in the market through the Application Programming Interfaces along with the Financial Information exchange protocol, known as API and FIX systems.

No matter how demanding and complicated the needs of our customers, we at ForexRay focus on offering intuitive solutions. We even serve those who prefer to design their trading applications and platforms for convenience.

Are you a financial institution or broker seeking better integration for the trading application to do forex trading on the market? Do you use algorithmic methods that use advanced programming or just manage your hedge funds by yourself? ForexRay offers solutions make it easier for you to trade in stock exchange or on the forex market, by making your application accessible and better integrated. If easy market access and FIX API solutions are what you have been looking for, then ForexRay offers high performance trading solutions you need.

With the ForexRay API trading solutions you can be sure of enjoying:

  • Improved exchange connectivity
  • Trade order execution and routing
  • Customized development of GUI
  • Access to historical and real time data
  • Back office and front end applications

ForexRay is committed to help you integrate a system which ensures you unlimited market access and FIX API accessibility for competent forex trading.

Benefits of Technologies Utilized By ForexRay

ForexRay uses the API and FIX technologies which are ideal for easy trading of orders by clients. The benefits of using the sophisticated technologies on offer by ForexRay include:

  • Opportunity to get direct quotes from different liquidity providers and exchanges, with no risk of a modification or a mark up
  • Access to market data flows that are reliable
  • Surety of order processing which has solid foundations
  • Client requests directly executed through liquidity providers and different exchanges
  • Enjoy easy access to the EU regulated innovative technical infrastructure and brokers
  • Ease of low commissions

Any professional who aims to use their own applications to have access to market liquidity at a reduced transaction cost can benefit from the solutions that ForexRay has to offer.

CFD Liquidity and DMA to Forex

If you need access to CFD liquidity and forex market, then ForexRay can help you design tailor-made options for integration that correspond perfectly with the goals and preferences of any client. Besides your own variety of applications, we also help you enjoy access to forex market through our professionally designed trading platforms. Our clients also get to enjoy web and mobile applications to access the forex and exchange markets.   

It is important to note that our services under this section are only valid for professional clients and not retail clients. Before applying for our services establish that you qualify as a professional client according to our terms of business. 

ForexRay Team

ForexRayTeam has an extensive range of financial instruments allowing individuals and establishments to make investments in exchange and stock markets.

ForexRay Team

We provides many representative locations worldwide. Most of them are located in Asia where the business has accomplished the biggest successes.

ForexRay Team

Our staff members are knowledgeable professionals. Transparency, understanding and personal strategy are our top priorities which present a model to emulate to stockbrokers in Russia plus European and Asian countries.

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100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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