The ForexRay Execution Process

We allocate a lot of importance to the quality of execution we promise our customers. We work to offer great speed and convenience with which our customers enter, and trade at the best market price. This is why at ForexRay we don’t condone to using any software which affects the execution quality in a negative way, by rejecting or requoting trade orders.

We know that with poor execution quality, a profitable strategy for trading can become a disaster. That is why we offer a flawless execution process, so that our traders can use our tight spreads to their advantage and not worry about delays in the process. We offer services of a no requotes forex broker.

Promised High Quality Execution By ForexRay, Delivered Everytime! 

We work strictly to uphold our policy of a no rejection and no requoting of orders, and have strived over the years to make our execution process as fast and exemplary as ever. We offer fast paced execution on the MT4 platform and ensure that our clients don’t have to worry about any delays or issues while trading.

We ensure high quality execution with,

  • A strict no order rejection policy
  • Offering services of a no requotes forex broker
  • No chance of a plug in from a virtual dealer
  • Opportunity for clients to place orders easily from different platforms
  • Market execution of orders in real time

Placing Of Orders

The ForexRay trading platform lets you place stop, limit and trailing orders, which gives you the chance to place any orders you want throughout the trading hours. You can utilize your place for trading, until there is execution of closing trade.  

One other advantage for our clients is that we update their accounts in real time, according to the prevalent market prices in the forex sector.

Market Order Limits

Just trade around INSERT VALUE HERE on the forex market with a simple click of your hand! ForexRay will guarantee you fills on it. Want to trade an amount higher than this? You can easily split up the major order into smaller sizes or just place a call to discuss the entire trade order through call.

Limit and Stop Loss Order Fills

Limit order and stop loss are crucial in risk management, and we know it. That is why ForexRay offers you guaranteed fills on all limit and stop loss orders which lie within our order limit, at the most suitable market price.

Illiquid or Volatile Market Trading

ForexRay has partnerships with different liquidity providers, and offers you best opportunities even during some volatile market conditions. We execute orders as per the most suitable market price available in the market.     

Weekend and Holiday Order Execution

If you are worried about any market gaps which might occur over the weekend, then ForexRay will issue all stop order and pending limits at the earliest market price, keeping the relative position size in mind. 

ForexRay Team

ForexRayTeam has an extensive range of financial instruments allowing individuals and establishments to make investments in exchange and stock markets.

ForexRay Team

We provides many representative locations worldwide. Most of them are located in Asia where the business has accomplished the biggest successes.

ForexRay Team

Our staff members are knowledgeable professionals. Transparency, understanding and personal strategy are our top priorities which present a model to emulate to stockbrokers in Russia plus European and Asian countries.

100% Segregated Account

100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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Most Innovative Broker 2015

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