Consulting for Institutional Clients

To get the best value for your time and money, you need access to objective and relevant financial information. But it may be hard to get the information you need due to the new developing financial markets and products. We at ForexRay, can help with that.

We have experience of working with OTC (Over The Counter) markets and interacting with some of the largest stock exchanges, so our team can provide you with in-depth knowledge of all products and instruments in the institutional market.

Our expert consultants will brief you about the market quotes, stock exchange commissions, all marginal requirements and the different financial instruments available in the sector. Our consultants will also offer in depth research, and market information, and help you out with any problems or concerns you might have.  

Consultation Services for Rates, Instruments and Exchange Rules

Our experts provide you with updated and detailed information which is easy to understand. The services include options like searching for warrants and future options of stocks, commodities and indices to help further financial objectives. We also assist in the screening and comparing of market instruments that help in capital growth and risk hedging of financial products.

Consultation for Derivative Changes and Stock

Our services of consulting for institutional clients also include providing clients with extensive useful details about the stock and derivative changes taking place in some of the largest stock exchanges of the world. These stock exchanges charge a fee for access to information, and in order to use this data within the application of your choice, there are certain requirements to be met, which include,

  • Choosing the right market data product with access technology
  • Forming an agreement with the stock exchange
  • Selection of data vendor and marking an agreement with them
  • Designing a system of market data access and user registration

All of these details take time and effort, along with hidden fee, all of which affect the cost and chance to avail a future service. ForexRay consultants have experience of dealing with stock exchanges, their procedures and requirements, and can help you across a difficult financial path.

We offer you,

  • Customized consultancy services tailored to your needs
  • Competitive prices for providing stock details, swapping and forwarding of options
  • Prompt settlement and information of execution strategies as per your need
  • Consultancy advice concerning any complicated hedging strategies, and getting access to data from global stock exchanges

Our team of experienced experts offers consulting for institutional clients, to help them with keeping costs low, and making timely trading decisions based on the analysis of data gathered from stock exchanges. We make sure that the data is updated and relevant to your need, and guide you with useful advice which proves crucial for marking out your financial success in the future.

ForexRay is here to help you out with all the challenges with our experienced team of consultants. 

ForexRay Team

ForexRayTeam has an extensive range of financial instruments allowing individuals and establishments to make investments in exchange and stock markets.

ForexRay Team

We provides many representative locations worldwide. Most of them are located in Asia where the business has accomplished the biggest successes.

ForexRay Team

Our staff members are knowledgeable professionals. Transparency, understanding and personal strategy are our top priorities which present a model to emulate to stockbrokers in Russia plus European and Asian countries.

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100% Segregated Account

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