Best Forex affiliate program

At Forexray, partners can choose from a variety of affiliate programs:


The Trading-Partner project is geared toward customer referral. It is the entry level partnership at Forexray and requires no special training or experience. People who wish to recruit customers, and get paid for it, should look into the Trading-Partner program.

Introducing Broker

This is the top level of partnership with Forexray. With this project, a company is given the official status of Forexray representative, which imparts strong customer confidence. Moreover, Forexray includes information about the partner an its official website which is a dramatic increase in exposure. This project also allows partners to earn additional profit for rendering Forexray services in their region. In this program, partners actually get a percentage of Forexray's profit in the specified area.

Investment Project

With an Investment Project type of partnership, partners can work through joint implementation to increase profit manifold. With this partnership, you can earn back most of the spread and turnover of your investment project.


If you have your own website that is dedicated to finance, but not necessarily an affiliate website, you can register with Forexray as a Webmaster and earn a substantial income just from advertising Forexray on your website, regardless of traffic.

Educational Project

This type of partnership with Forexray has been specifically developed for those who focus on training beginners. Cooperation with Forexray can boost the revenue from an educational project by up to 100%. As an educational partner with Forexray, you receive the prominent status of being a licensed Forexray training center. In addition, you get a commission from trades made by graduates of your Forexray training center.


Exchangers are partners that specialize in electronic currency exchanges on the internet, facilitating deposits into and withdrawals from Forexray accounts Exchangers increase their turnover by many times as new customers are attracted by current active Forexray clients.


The VPS Hosting project allows partners to own dedicated servers that are licensed by Forexray. This licensed server allows the partner to provide hosting services, generating additional profit through affiliate commissions.


If you are a Forexray partner with a blog, you may be interested in the Blogger project. Just embed a link in your blog and attract new customers to Forexray, it's as simple as that. As new customers start trading, you will earn from 1.5 to 5.3 points from each trade. This Forexray affiliate program will foster the development of your blog and enrich its content with banners, RSS feeds, and Forex informers. Your affiliate commission will grow proportionally to the increasing number of visitors.

Forex Signal Provider

With this type of partnership, you will earn stable profit by using Forexray marketing materials on you website and referring customers. The innovative ForexCopy system will contribute to your referral activity, enabling your customers to see Forex signals that correspond to the trades they copy.

Advice Seller

If you provide expert financial advice, you may be able to earnextra profit by signing up for the Advice Seller project with Forexray. Forexray will provide excellent marketing materials for you and, you will be able to advertise yourself as an expert adviser in the catalog of Forexray services.

CPA affiliate program

The CPA project is the latest addition to Forexray's partnership programs. This program is geared towards those who appreciate simplicity. It is ideal for webmasters, search engine optimization specialists, and internet marketers. A conversion path is now even simpler: you open an account, make your first deposit, and get your affiliate reward!

Forexray partnerships vary widely in how they attract clients. When you start, the affiliate commission is the same for all types of the affiliate program. 1.6 pips per successful referral. A partner should choose the type of affiliate program that works best for his or her business. Partners only need one affiliate account to access all of the programs available, there is no need for a different account for each program.

If you are interested in an affiliation with Forexray, please contact a manager of the Forexray Partner Relations Department.

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100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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