The best trading conditions for clients

At present, the Forexray Company offers the widest spectrum of services for FX traders. To establish the best trading conditions for clients, Forexray used the combined 10-year experience of the entire Forex industry. Every company's clients has access to the following facilities:

Forexray bonuses

Forexray provides advanced online trading technologies. So, it has developed a range of bonuses for its clients. The line of bonuses includes both the “No Deposit Bonus” and the largest sign-on bonus in the industry. The “No Deposit Bonus” makes it possible to start trading with no cash. The sign-on bonus is a whopping 250%. Forexray also allows its clients to choose the bonus that fits their needs best.

Forex analytic services

The best trading conditions for clients and Forexray's analytical services cover the mainstream aspects of the industry, ranging from Forex news to Forex TV. Most traders consider Forex analytics to be the essential part of successful trading. Therefore, Forexray makes its clients fully aware of the latest and most vital economic and political news worldwide.

Quality of service

Forexray clients can rely on high quality technical support 24 hours per day, everyday. No matter what type of account you have, you can always contact the support department of Forexray and get prompt, detailed help with your problem.

PAMM system

The Forexray PAMM system offers successful traders the great opportunity to refer investors to their trading accounts. For investors who do not trade on the Forex market, the PAMM system provides the opportunity for them to invest and share in the profit anyway, even though they're not regular members.

Forexray contests

Forexray frequently arranges a variety of promotional campaigns and contests for its clients. The annual prize pool for these contests usually totals $500,000. These contests are held every month and are geared toward a variety of experience levels which allows clients to choose the best contests for them.

Swap-free accounts

Since over 1,000,000 clients have registered their accounts with Forexray, the company created swap-free accounts for those traders who prefer business transactions without swaps. Such accounts are chosen by clients who cannot use swaps due to their religious beliefs.

Spread-free accounts

Zero-spread accounts greatly simplify trading activity. Zero-spread accounts also facilitate the use of technical analysis during the decision-making process. All Forexray clients are free to choose spread-free accounts over other types of accounts. The provision of spread-free accounts offers more opportunity for novice and experienced traders alike.

Trading instruments

When using Forexray services and products, clients have access to 107 currency pairs and over 200 CFDs on commodity futures and securities. In addition, spot-deals on gold are available for all clients.

Trading platforms

All clients can download a trading platform on their mobile devices and computers, giving them easy access. All clients also have access to leading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Moreover, Forexray was the first retail broker in the world to launch MT5 live trading accounts.


When working with Forexray, you can choose any leverage ranging from 1:1 to 1:1000, depending on your personal risk management strategy. Your leverage selection depends on your personal trading strategy and the time frame in which you are trading.


If you are new to trading, there is no need to worry about mistakes. The ForexCopy system allows clients to copy other clients' trades. This feature allows new traders to enjoy the guidance of older, more experienced traders.

Forex options

Forexray provides its clients with the opportunity to trade options with other clients via the Client Cabinet. Thanks to this provision, traders can raise a secure profit on a risk-averse basis which they determine themselves.


As a financial tool, Forexray clients may use commodity futures. The most common of them are natural gas, oil, gold, and petrol.

ForexRay Team

ForexRayTeam has an extensive range of financial instruments allowing individuals and establishments to make investments in exchange and stock markets.

ForexRay Team

We provides many representative locations worldwide. Most of them are located in Asia where the business has accomplished the biggest successes.

ForexRay Team

Our staff members are knowledgeable professionals. Transparency, understanding and personal strategy are our top priorities which present a model to emulate to stockbrokers in Russia plus European and Asian countries.

100% Segregated Account

100% Segregated Account

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An exclusive partner program

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