Learn About the Benefits of ForexRay Spreads

We at ForexRay strive to give our forex traders a competitive advantage over most other retail traders in the market. How do we do that? By offering the best low forex spreads that can make our customers enjoy better rates and tighter trading spread margins.

What we offer you is the chance to trade with some of the most popular forex pairs, having tight fixed spreads! And you get to trade at the busiest hours of the market, while also taking full advantage of the capped variable spreads feature throughout the period, when the market shows typical low liquidity in the market. It’s a win a win situation for all our ForexRay traders.

Want to know more about all the benefits that our traders can enjoy with our spreads?

1.     Tighter and Fixed Spreads

Experience some of the tighter spreads in the market with ForexRay, and for our most popular currency pairs as well. What it means for our traders is that when there is a chance of widening in the market spreads, you will still be able to do trade as per the tight low forex spread, throughout our fixed forex spread hours. You get to enjoy a distinct advantage over other traders in a way like no other.

2.     Chance to Enjoy Cheap Trading Around Important Economic Events

Many traders have to deal with the sharp twist in forex prices when there is change in GDP figures or the nonfarm payrolls. But the ForexRay traders enjoy tighter spreads, for all the major pairs! Also, the spreads remain right during the fixed hours and a trader is able to utilize exotic and minor pairs with capped variable spread feature.

So, traders get chance at cheaper trading with tight spreads, even when the market is having to deal with the possibility of underlying widening of forex spreads.

3.     Hassle Free Trading

Our traders know that they don’t have to worry about the widening of forex spreads, and highly volatile market conditions, as they will still be able to trade at the same tight fixed low forex spreads that we have to offer.

Any trader who trades with exotic and minor FX pairs, knows that our spreads are capped at a certain level for these pairs, even when the market experiences low market liquidity.

4.     Technology for Price Improvement

When prices change swiftly in the forex market, slippage is wont to occur. One downside that many traders worry about is that if the price shift occurs when you trade in the market, the final execution price could come off much worse.

At ForexRay we deal with the slippage problem with our price improvement technology, which offers a better price and a chance to avoid the downside of slippage. The technology makes it possible to do trades better, if the prices were to move over in your favor, by the time that the trading is done.

To explain the idea, the NZD/USD rate if 0.69, and with the change in price it move one pip forward to 0.70. So, the trade will be done at the improved price, which gives our traders one more advantage over other traders in the forex market.

ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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ForexRay Team

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100% Segregated Account

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